Theatre Royal Haymarket Seating Plan

The Theatre Royal Haymarket offers 888 seats over four tiers, the stalls, royal circle, upper circle and gallery. The stalls covers rows A to X, at most 24 seats wide. The royal circle is home to rows A to H, between 3 and 29 seats wide. The upper circle includes rows A to G, anywhere between 5 and 34 seats wide, and the high gallery covers rows A to G, 19 seats wide at the most.

Central stalls seats deliver the best views and G21, F1 and G1 provide extra legroom for taller people. The stalls boxes are also generous on the legroom front and deliver great stage views as long as you angle your seat correctly.

The royal circle offers good views, particularly in the middle of the front rows, and decent legroom apart from row A. Royal circle boxes are average value for money.

The safety screen in the upper circle can get in the way and views from there are poorer than average. The gallery’s safety bars impede views from every seat and it’s the least popular tier.

The stalls are 18 steps down from the box office, there are 28 steps up to the royal circle and more than 60 steps to the highest levels.